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Obesity Cause and Help

Consumer Dieting Hack When Food Shopping For Healthier Choices

How to choose the healthier food product on a shelf.

Reading labels trying to decipher whether one food product is a healthier choice over another similar food product can be tedious—especially when the print is small and you are trying to make out the calories, carbs, saturated fat, sugar and sodium per serving size. A new study reveals one easy consumer trick you can look for to ensure that the brand you are choosing is healthier than the competing brand beside it on the grocery shelf.

How to Read Coffee Bag Labeling at Your Local Grocery

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Is Not Just For Athletes, But Inactive Adults Too!

High Intensity Interval Training is for everyone say study

A new study shows that High Intensity Interval Training is not just for athletes, but is also recommended for relatively inactive adults too as a great way to increase fitness, build stamina and lose weight.

Will The Quarantine 15 Become The Quarantine 30 by Christmas? What to Do About It Right Now!

Will The Quarantine 15 Become The Quarantine 30 by Christmas? What to Do About It Right Now!

Measure your health now during COVID-19.

Back when COVID-19 first put us into quarantine mode, a little levity was initially made about it by borrowing from the “Freshman 15” adage regarding weight gain during the first year of college. However, now that we are six months-plus of primarily staying indoors, there’s little to laugh about. Here’s some repeated Yale Medicine advice on strategies for shedding pounds as we enter into a new semester of COVID-19.

Will You Be Happy After Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss happiness.

Do you believe that having weight loss surgery is the answer to your health problems? It might be. However, what many patients fail to realize is that fighting and preventing the reoccurrence of obesity after surgery is a never-ending problem. Before committing to last-resort measures, here’s a test you should take before deciding on weight loss surgery that may answer the question of whether it is right for you and if you will be happy afterward.

Women Who Increase Their Coffee Intake May Benefit in the Fight Against Fat

Two to three cups of coffee per day benefits body fat percentages.

A new study reveals that women with less total body and less abdominal fat, drink more coffee than those who drink coffee occasionally or not at all. In addition, this appears to benefit 40-something and older women even more when they drink up to a specific number of cups of coffee per day.

Counting Calories in Your Café Latte

Transform Your Body in Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting

Transforming body with weight loss and fasting

Calories in, calories out - a fad of the past! More and more people are proving that intermittent fasting is so promising. Some research shows it improves biomarkers of disease, reduces oxidative stress and preserves learning and memory function. But, it’s the weight loss we’re after and intermittent fasting works so well that people are raving about it, even researchers.

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Hemp Benefits

hemp benefits

Hemp has experienced a resurgence in popularity lately, but this plant has a long history that dates back to the earliest civilizations of mankind. Hemp benefits you and impacts you daily in ways that you never would have guessed. In this article, we are going to explore the many beneficial uses of a truly extraordinary plant: hemp.

Find A Quick Way To Reversing Prediabetes with Lysulin®

Reversing prediabetes

Prediabetes is no joke. Research shows that 70% of patients diagnosed with prediabetes ended up being diagnosed with diabetes further down the road. Diabetes is swiftly becoming one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Fortunately, Lysulin is a nutritional supplement designed to help you minimize your risk while reversing prediabetes.